CHM Viewer


CHM Viewer is a free software to view CHM format files, it can quickly open the *.chm file, format and display the contents, and it is a completely freeware, easy to use very much.


Download  (Mirror 1, Freeware)

Hot to Use

In main menu, select "File" -> "Open" (hot-key is "Ctrl + O"), and choose one (*.chm) file, so you can browse the contents of the file.

After the CHM file is opened, in main menu "Option", you can modify the default font, and can zoom in and zoom outdefault font size, zoom in hot-key is "Ctrl + NUM+" and zoom out hot-key is "Ctrl + NUM-". You can also changedefault font color, viewer background color and hot spot color.

The Find function's hot-key is "Ctrl + F", it allows you to easily search the contents of the file.

If your CHM files include images, you can right-click on the image, software will pop up a shortcut menu. You can copy the image to the Clipboard, ot save it as JPG/JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF image file.

In addition, CHM Viewer also supports the Export function, you can output the entire contents of your CHM files, save it as HTML files. Select the "Export as HTML Files" in main menu "File", software will let you specify a folder, this folder will be used to store all output HTML files and images.



CHM File Format

The CHM's full name is Compiled HTML Help, it is an unique help file format on Windows platform, it's file extension icon is usually a document icon with a question mark, that mean these files are help documentations. Today, The Internet have a lot of e-books in CHM formatm, it is popular.

In Windows OS, some CHM files can not be displayed, while open a CHM file, you will get a message like "Cannot open the file" or "Navigation to the webpage was canceled", that is because some CHM files that you downloaded from the Internet may with some safety issues, so it must be unlocked in order to display. But using CHM Viewer, you can safely open these files, because it does not use IE to display HTML files, so it can avoid these potential security issues.